New Year, New Me.

It is 2017, guys. Almost been a year since I’ve blogged. 11 months. From being a worker on Fantage Kitty Blog, then making Fantage Stars, onto Ellyn Shines, and now, Brookie Soars. I have delt with drama lots of times, from people thinking I’m rude, to people thinking I’m babyish. I don’t like drama, and I never liked it. Drama is a waste of time, seeing who is stronger. Someone has to say sorry, but the other never apologizes. Drama isn’t something I look up to. Drama caused the community to fall apart. Minso is gone, Akira is gone, chasano, Colour Bae, etc. I miss most of them, but this is just gone way too far. People randomly start drama for no reason. Those people are the ones who caused everyone to leave. I don’t want drama, I don’t need drama. So, I will ignore this whole thing. I don’t want anything to do with hate. It aggravates me.

I guess this is the new me.

Good damn bye~

-Ellie aka Brookie


Fantage Diamond is NOT Quitting

I can handle 3 blogs. We never decided to end FD, we had decided to shut down DiamondGames until further notice. Before you make a decision Ellie, please tell us a reason, and we never deicdee on this deicsion. We aren’t letting Minso’s hard work go to waste, if it means playing Fantage, then I will. Fantage Diamond is NOT shutting down.

End of the Diamond Games

Soo uhhh yeppers. It ended, and if you know what the prize is, uhh tell me. Minso and I haven’t had much contact stating the fact she left Hangouts, and doing this can bare off some problems where people keep asking me, “Whatcha gonna do about the Diamons Games?” I ended it because a variety of reasons. 

  1. None of the teams are active
  2. The players aren’t active
  3. Minso left Hangouts
  4. I have no clue what to do

This is the end of the Diamond Games and if there was a prize be sure to tell me in ze comments, and bye!


i just randomly popped up.

anywho, i unfollowed anyone who was inactive from july and below. 

except the ppl who are active in liking and commenting, but inactive in blogging.

also, has anyone else knew that mmchan has been inactive? maybe cloud82, but i think she has another blog. i accidently unfollowed, sorry. give me the url pls?

anywho, bye

check my out. @ellynkim

i wanna have 500 fans. i have 400.

Peace 😚

No Tasks were in

By the title no one turned in their tasks, from every team I will want a explanation, if you don’t you don’t want to know what happens. 

The teams are 

Silver Hearts

Gold Petals (I think)

Ze People 

Chocolate Pooping Bananas 

I’ll be keeping track and waiting.

Task #5

[The former post was deleted due to issues.]

For Task 5 I want you to make a charactar using these items

If you have any questions or I did something wrong, inform me in le commentos, and once you’re finished with this email me to Bye!