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I swear, not all of my posts are going to be about school.



sike mudafukas

ANYWAYS, IM PRETTY SURE A TEACHER HAS JUST GIVEN ME FREE 100’s. Okay, so in this class, we don’t really accomplish a lot of stuff. WHich means blank grades. WELL THIS TEACHER JUST DECIDES TO GIVE OUT FREE HUNDREDS. I’m cool with that (especially since I suck at this class).

wowies(Our school has a thing where you can see your grades online)

MY GRADE IS A HUNDRED NOW, but that 94 is so ughhh.


This is so random and unexpected, but right now I’m just rambling. I want to put it somewhere.

ANYWAYS, I dislike my science teacher (it has something to do with it later on). SHE GAVE ME A 75 ON A PACKAGE THAT I COMPLETED EXCEPT FOR ONE PAGE BECAUSE MY TEAMMATES DIDN’T HAVE THE RESOURCES

SO WHILE I SIT THERE READING A BOOK, BECAUSE WE LITERALLY ARENT DOING ANYTHING, SHE GOES OVER AND GIVES ME THE ‘i am so disappointed in u’ LOOK. ON TOP OF THAT SHE TELLS ME “is reading a book more important than science? i am so disappointed in u *my name*”. HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Of course I’m not rude (plus no write-ups for me, thank you), so I barely manage to say “sorry m’aam”. For the remainder of class (15-ish minutes) I stare at my paper. IS THAT BETTER!?!??!


New Year, New Me.

It is 2017, guys. Almost been a year since I’ve blogged. 11 months. From being a worker on Fantage Kitty Blog, then making Fantage Stars, onto Ellyn Shines, and now, Brookie Soars. I have delt with drama lots of times, from people thinking I’m rude, to people thinking I’m babyish. I don’t like drama, and I never liked it. Drama is a waste of time, seeing who is stronger. Someone has to say sorry, but the other never apologizes. Drama isn’t something I look up to. Drama caused the community to fall apart. Minso is gone, Akira is gone, chasano, Colour Bae, etc. I miss most of them, but this is just gone way too far. People randomly start drama for no reason. Those people are the ones who caused everyone to leave. I don’t want drama, I don’t need drama. So, I will ignore this whole thing. I don’t want anything to do with hate. It aggravates me.

I guess this is the new me.

Good damn bye~

-Ellie aka Brookie


Let me get to straight to the point; I’m quitting blogging.

It isn’t as lively and entertaining anymore, it’s also not as active. Basically, it’s boring.

Instead of blogging and constantly checking my g-mail for posts, I’ve moved on to playing Tattered Weave, Transformice, and watching more You-Tube.




Let me get some things off my chest:

If you don’t want to hear what I want to say, then you don’t have to read it. 

Ellyn Kim, you’re immature. You rarely accept someone else’s opinion about you that you disagree with. You simply can’t ignore someone’s opinion. Get over the fact that not everyone thinks that you’re sweet. (You’re ignorant and rude, in my honest opinion).

Think I’m being extra? Here’s a clip of a post she made but later decided to delete.

“As for Misspiggy, enough with this. Getting into another person’s conversation isn’t quite good. It’s a personal talk with someone, so you don’t have to snoop around. If someone is talking about something serious, don’t get into it. You’re not helping at all. You’re just causing people to waste time having to talk to TWO people. I am also aggravated. I’m not stubborn, and Cindy is right. Once you understand my high expectations which ARE NOT TO BE joked around by, you’ll get me.”

“I’m not stubborn”, again refusing to accept my honest opinion.

Whatever your name was-Senpai/ bla bla bla Cindy or whatever, you’ve sent info to people. Like when I felt that Ellyn Kim was being a bit too childish you told her that. You seem sweet, but you aren’t really what you seem. (Basically you’re a backstabbing person).

Besides those people, I don’t have much against anyone in this community.


Edit: Ayyy, they replied. Akira posted a long message trying to defend herself and Ellyn, and whatever else she said. I didn’t bother to read the rest.

Oh, here’s a quote from Akira’s comment “Everyone thought that I quit because blogging is boring, but I quit mainly because I hate everyone here for many reasons. Minso, jazzharts, joyceolivia, misspiggy. You’re all stupid and babyish and annoying.”So she went on throwing shade, and etc.

Ellyn’s comment went directly to spam, which is good. I’ll just keep it where it belongs 🙂


My Advice On Writing Essays

 Writing can be difficult at times, especially when you start going to higher grades. I have some advice to give you that I keep in mind whenever I have to do essays for school. 

  1. You don’t have to use high vocabulary sometimes.

You still need the reader to understand you, sometimes high vocabulary isn’t the best choice. (Let’s just say I’m writing about my pet peeves) Example:

Pet peeves are things that a particular person finds irritating, and even in some situations aggravating which can lead to violence (although it rarely can eventuate). Although in most cases the individual just gets miffed. Pet peeves can vary, some individual’s pet peeves may be jarring to others once discovered.

Another Example:

I’m currently making this post in spite of individual, so please disregard how churlish I might seem at the moment.

Not the best examples, but you get what I’m saying.

2. Don’t use so much slang.

Don’t use words like ‘OMG, GURLLLL!’ and ‘u ok fam?!?!’.

(Writing about your favorite sport)Example:

I luv soccer! It’s like, so kewl! U kick a ball then u just try 2 get in da goal!!! Its like, so, so, fun! Peeps think dat its boring but I think dat it is bae! U kno yesterday me and my squad were chillin playin and we was all playin soccer #squadgoals.

Yeah, no.

This is what I keep in mind while I write essays and etc., hope this helped!