Some random pictures with bagman &others

스크린샷 2016-02-18 오후 12.04.00.png스크린샷 2016-02-18 오후 12.04.22.png스크린샷 2016-02-18 오후 12.04.28.pngThis paper man vs girls generation스크린샷 2016-02-18 오후 12.06.06.pngIt took this shy little man to say hi to this gal

스크린샷 2016-02-18 오전 11.26.27.pngRandom picture :O I couldn’t get any more picture sorry

스크린샷 2016-02-18 오후 12.09.11.png스크린샷 2016-02-18 오후 12.09.11.jpgThis fella gets angry..

스크린샷 2016-02-18 오후 12.11.18.png

if  you haven’t seen my previous post, I told you about my boy account, wearebestfriendz.

He has a VERY different personality compared to min11s14. Min11s14 is very shy, and she doesn’t like to say mean things to other person 🙂 She really likes hanging out with her friends, especially bloggers. but sometimes she can get little bit whiny when it comes to limited items!

wearebestfriendz doesn’t likes his username, and he really likes his dear mustache. (a fake one) He is really truthful (good or bad?) and sometimes he thinks he’s a beautiful girl and forgets that his a boy :O (he needs to visit the doc) He really likes to tease the super dog who always reminds wearebestfriends to buy an egg. (waste of money) He really likes telling some girls about when he almost died when the huge storm hit his home!

ANyways, this is my side account, with TOTALLY different personatily with min11s14. That’s why he don’t have a whun, but he would like to make it 🙂

Oh I think I said enough.. BYE


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