Blog Help: How to make gifs

Thank you agnt007 for making this awesome gif tutorial! Visit and follow the blog! xD


As requested by min11s14 I’ll show everybody how I make gifs. Gifs are a set of pictures that are saved as a files, and flick through in a loop.

There are many ways to make gifs, but a lot of them require downloading software to do it. But honestly I couldn’t be bothered with that, so I’m going to use a website.

Step 1. Decide whether you’re going to use a video or pictures for your gif

Step 2. Video: Record a video of what you want your gif to be. Make sure it’s short, otherwise it will take a long time to upload your gif.
Pictures: Take screenshots or collect photos of that you want to be in the gif.

Step 3. Video: Go to Click “Choose File” and select the short video you recorded. Now click  the blue button “Upload”. You may have to wait a while…

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