2016 valentine day party part 3 (the last)

This is the last part. (dot dot dot) EHH I totally forgot about this series :O Sorry for taking so long

스크린샷 2016-02-12 오후 7.14.48.png
스크린샷 2016-02-12 오후 7.18.04.png스크린샷 2016-02-12 오후 7.21.51.png스크린샷 2016-02-12 오후 7.22.35.png스크린샷 2016-02-12 오후 7.22.46.pngPhoebe:What do you want, you already got what you want..Also stole my Harry and my friendship heart, you made me broken heart girl스크린샷 2016-02-12 오후 7.25.13.png스크린샷 2016-02-12 오후 7.25.16.png스크린샷 2016-02-22 오후 8.27.30.png스크린샷 2016-02-22 오후 8.27.39.png스크린샷 2016-02-22 오후 8.28.51.png스크린샷 2016-02-22 오후 8.29.49.png스크린샷 2016-02-22 오후 8.31.13.png스크린샷 2016-02-22 오후 8.32.00.jpg

Okay so this is ze end! :O what a cheesy, and cliffhanging ending. I hate this kind of story, and you better not watch this kind of story too. I’m warning ‘ya JK JK
Hope you like it even though you didn’t

B.Y.E (this series will continue next year kind of like season 2 )


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