new shop items :O

Fantage released the outfits finally (Didn’t wait for long)! I think I know what the non member’s outfit are.. The rebel one eh? 😉스크린샷 2016-02-19 오후 5.52.30.pngThe girls outfit! Some says the shadings are getting better, and I think they are. But shadings might still be bad, it’s up to you guys 🙂

The first girl reminds me of girly-babyish-style. But.. also reminds me of foods! Help me, I’m so hungryyy almost dinner time here //checks watch//                                                          The second girl reminds me of girls scout. I never participate one, but my friend did! The long hair looks so.. Idk pretty? 😎                                                                                                          The last girl is just rebel. Yush, rebel. Fantage is a kid site, right? I’m so confused when it comes to this.. REBEL,PUNK, AND STUFFS! o_O I’ll not show the stellar salon catalog since the catalog includes hair too xD (Lol Michelle that’s just last century Fantage don’t have cool fashion now)스크린샷 2016-02-19 오후 6.11.23.pngThis is for boys xD The same,..

First I thought the last boy was a girl o oiljkl.png(credits to fantagenoble) Thanks Yumimarz!

Ehehehe, this week’s theme for Fantage is food for sure! (Maybe Fantage don’t have enough money for food o_O)

Anyways sorry I forgot to make a post about this new items :O

스크린샷 2016-02-19 오후 6.13.43.png스크린샷 2016-02-19 오후 6.13.36.png I spy with my little eyes.. A flying monkey! xD

Bye everyone, I’M SO SRRY TO MAKE THIS POST LATE 😦 But I’m sure you saw those kind of post at other blogs or Fantage 🙂


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