should we trade? or not?

Yea Fantage recently made this thing pop out whenever you enter my mall.스크린샷 2016-02-23 오후 2.53.45.pngYea, well that isn’t going to work sadly.. 😦 Well look what I found!

스크린샷 2016-02-23 오후 2.53.37.pngTrading at your own risk! SO.. we CAN trade can we?! unless Fantage remove the ‘trading is at your own risk’ bubble So.. which one?

But I’m sure we need to trade when it comes to blogging, and stuff. 😛 I actually like TnS (trade and sell) which I never experienced. It sounds fun 😀 Real life friends who play Fantage can trade, and more! We can also sell stuffs like my mall, and we can do all of that we ecoins!!

Anyways I’m off the topic.. Should we trade or not?
btw the woman looks ugly


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