30 followers giveaway :D

WOO! Fantagediamond.wordpress.com is almost at 30 followers! So I decided to do a giveaway which is my first one…


스크린샷 2016-03-04 오후 10.01.50.png Pilgrim board! It’ll be coined, and I will sell it for minimum (probably 500 gold). 🙂 I know it’s bad, but please join! WE currently have 28 followers, and we need 2 more followers to reach 30 followers.

How to join

follow, of course 🙂
Like this post
Reblog this post

Extra entries 

Draw a chibi +5
edit/recolour + 4
Donate 500 golds + 5
Signature +3

For non-wordpress users-


This is my first ever giveaway, so please tell me something what I missed! Btw, do I have to give the winner 500 gold back when they win?

I will use random.org, and i will randomize the list 25 times.


26 thoughts on “30 followers giveaway :D

      1. i just gave u a shout out and im making a signature for you


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