Guess the next #1~mysterious camera

Congratulations mmchan for winning guess the next #1 mysterious camera part! 😀 You have a great story ❤

My part:

스크린샷 2016-03-09 오후 3.14.39.png It was a sunny day in Fantage. Again, downtown, full of newbies and high leveled people. Oh I almost forgot, also people hosting tryouts, I’m sure. But they are so lucky that they don’t go to school. Well, we need to give Fantage 5k gold every month we go to school, and only few rich people goes to school. I wish I was just poor..

스크린샷 2016-03-09 오후 3.17.44.png I woke up. I rubbed my eyes, and stretched my arms in the air. I looked at my alarm clock. Or – well, I just noticed my alarm clock was broken. I sighed, as I looked at my iPhone. It was- “8:30?!” I shouted. I needed to be at my classroom until 9:00! Crazy life, I thought. why wouldn’t my mom wake me up? My mom always don’t wake me up, saying that I’m already too big for that thing. “but I’m still 10~” I whined. But my mom wouldn’t listen.

스크린샷 2016-03-09 오후 3.23.42.png I had no time. I grabbed my hot cocoa, and I also got my MP3. I listened to ‘fantastic baby’. I loved loved loved KPOP. Except my friends says that fantastic baby is so last century. I quickly wore my shoes, and shouted “BYE MOM!” My mom replied, “Max run!” I was confused. Max is my brother’s name, and why would she call her like that? Did she forgot that it was I, shouting BYE MOM!? That really got me sad.

the whole day was depressing. I couldn’t’ concentrate on what teacher’s saying, and I just scribbled my sad face on the desk. When teacher called on me, I couldn’t do anything but say,”huh?” everyone laugh, which got me angry, but also sad.

스크린샷 2016-03-09 오후 4.42.53.png Then this man came. I lost my way to my home, so it was so relieve to see a human. Even though he was weird looking. He asked me if I had troubles. I answered, yes. Such a strange man, I thought. But I trusted him because he looked like he wasn’t going to be angry at me. He was actually asking if I was good or not! The man, somehow, read my mind. “take this camera.” he said. I took it. It had purple films. “how does this thing work?” I said. The man laughed. “ho, ho, ho!”

스크린샷 2016-03-09 오후 4.46.48.png The man said,”simple. Just take a photo of something and it would disappear!” I rolled my eyes. what a weird explaining, I thought. The man took my camera. “watch.” he looked at me. “and learn.” HE took a picture of a fire, and voila! IT disappeared! “like this.” I was so happy. 🙂 “thank yo-” the man disappeared. He looked like a evil villain in a super hero comic, but I didn’t care. Since this isn’t a movie.

mmchan’s part:

I caught the camera just before it fell on the snowy ground. It was surprisingly light. Turning the camera around, I studied it. The camera looked normal enough, except for its purple-tinted lens. How did that guy make the fire disappear? It was probably just a magic trick…? It was nothing. He just gave me a brand-new, 100% normal, 0 dollars, free camera, not a magical artefact that could snuff out flames. Might as well take a photo with it! The snow-capped mountains… there’s even a helicopter hovering over the mountains! Focus the lenses and… perfect.
I looked up and shrugged. The helicopter was gone. Hopefully, I got a nice shot before it flew away.

The next day, at home
My mom forced me to read the newspaper every day to learn about current affairs. It was horrifying at first, but now I automatically grab the newspaper when I get home. The headline blared the words “MISSING HELICOPTER”, and a shaky photo followed the subtitle. My eyes quickly scanned the text. Was it just a coincidence, that the helicopter in the blurry picture closely resembled the one in the photograph I took yesterday?
The disappearing fire… This missing helicopter. I fumbled with the camera and prepared to take a photo at… at… I whirled around. My trash! A picture of my trash. Great!
I peeped over the camera. The trash had… vanished! There was only an empty trash can, rubbish-free! This camera was extraordinary. Imagine the possibilities…
My head flicked upwards when I heard the sound of a key turning. “Mom!” I yelled, spinning around.
Uh oh.
“I don’t… feel… well…” She collapsed onto the floor.
“Mom!” I was in tears. One thing nagged at me though: Why didn’t she disappear?
I dragged Mom to the sofa and lugged her limbs onto the sofa. After I made sure she was comfortable, I checked the camera. In the photo album was a really blurry picture of my mom. I sighed with relief. Only clear photos make their subjects disappear.
“Mom, going out,” I whispered, holding the camera in one hand. An hour till dinnertime… I wish I had more time. With such a powerful item in my hands, the things I could do…
Fantastic, baby.
What a awesome story //gasps// I’m so happy that you entered! ❤ good luck everyone for the next guess the next, I’m planning to post today or tomorrow.. //drum roll//


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