I'll be following the duck squad

LE Pickle Potato and to a lesser extent fantage

Giveaway time once again!!!

The prizes are:

1st place:

2000 gold

header (I am better at these now thank goodness)



Blog advertisement on my sidebar for 3 weeks

2nd place:

1750 gold



Blog on my sidebar for 2 weeks

3rd place:

750 gold

an edit

advertisement on sidebar for 1 week

How to enter for wordpress users:

Reblog and comment 45 followers

Like this post

Must be following me

How to enter for non wordpress users:

Comment 45 followers and your name

Extra entries (wp users only)

Donate gold (500= 2 extra, 1000+= 5 entries)

Donate items (Must be either limited or “popular”, coined= 10 entries starred= 5 entries)
Be following this blog for at least 1 month (like 3 people lol)

Follow The Duck Squad

When it will end:

at 3 more followers!!! Lets get there shall we???

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