St. Patrick’s Day Raffle!

I like ST.Patrick’s day because I like.. um… pot of gold& rainbows!


Since I haven’t had a raffle in a pretty long time, I was like why not host a St. Patrick’s Day raffle! The prizes are pretty EPIC sorta


Since everybody loves prizes, why not show the prizes first?


 ~ This edit without watermark:


~ This outfit coin limited, min is 3k:


~ A  header

Pretty epic right? Well, here are the rules~

~Must reblog

~Must follow I will check

~Comment what your favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day Is

~Must have gold

~Comment email

And your automatically entered!

If you follow my instagram @lydia_rocks8 or you will get 1 extra entry 😉

Ends when I feel like it should c:

Good Luck everybody 🙂

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