fantage user inspired prom items

Yes. I decided to do this thing :/ But still I’m gonna fail ’cause my idea box is not growing anymore

IMG_1094.jpg My items:

img_1095-1.jpgMy 6 years old sister’s user inspired items: Today’s her birthday. Yay! 🙂

okay this was kind of random.. Can you help me what digital app to use when I do user inspired items? This look so.. you know.. messy



15 thoughts on “fantage user inspired prom items

  1. Oh my god.
    The color schemes are perfect on both, boy and girl (Even your little sister, well except for the banana man from the Wiggles, I swear that green thing looks like a deformed cucumber, hers is absolutely adorable.) I love the crown on the first one, and the shoes on the second one! I literally need these items, they’re just so cute!

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