mymall updates

스크린샷 2016-03-18 오후 9.09.22.png
As you saw it on other blogs, yes, you are right. Non members (which is me) can’t buy kiosks with gold. 😦 IDK about this one, but some says that we, poor but smart nonmembers who won’t spend our precious real money on a game, cannot even sell stuffs on my mall. True or not? 😦 Please comment down.

If non members can’t sell stuffs, then NO GOLD FOR NON MEMBERS. I won’t probably spend my money on a virtual game, so if nons can’t sell stuffs, I’M DONE. I quit. (nah I won’t quit because I still like Fantage anyways.)



17 thoughts on “mymall updates

  1. Who needs MyMall after all? fantage is originally a game about fun, not money and cash, you can hangout with others and can’t and play games with others as well, you don’t need starred items to be super cool ^^

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