guess the next #2

Guess the next #2! 🙂 click here to find out who was the winner for the last contest 😛 Let’s start!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~스크린샷 2016-03-10 오후 9.21.42.png I am Jennifer. (min11s14) and this is my BFF Helen. (yumin41) we are quite different from the others. We like cool stuffs. Well, yeah, girls like ‘girly’ stuffs. But we are much more like ‘boy’ style. We were just born with it. Don’t ask us why, or how.

스크린샷 2016-03-18 오후 8.29.25.png Few years past. I became more-girly. I started to go to some girly parties, and managed to get my own ‘whun’! I don’t know what happened to Helen since she moved to U.S.A.  Of course, we had our phone number, so we were in touch. But I guess Helen is REALLY busy with her work because she wasn’t sending text to me. For YEARS.

In the mean time, my mother was really forcing me to read the comet. I always won the writing contests, but I never really had fun with it. But my face got wet after reading the ‘hot’ news. Helen, aka the cool girl, being missing for YEARS? I shook my head. There is a lot of cool girl Helen in this world. I managed myself reading.
Helen, known as the ‘cool girl’ with her friend, Jennifer, is going missing. According to Jennifer’s uncle, Helen wasn’t in touch with Jennifer for years. The last text from Helen was for her best friend, Jennifer, which said “Hey bestie! 🙂 ” And that’s it! What could have possibly happen? Her age is 15 now, and please call us when you find her! Jennifer couldn’t believe it. It also had a picture of Helen and herself in it! wait.. thought Jennifer. How did my uncle know all this? I never even told him about Helen.. Then Jennifer knew.

IT was her job, to solve the mystery about her best friend. And it was up to her.

OMG I DONT’ HAVE A STORY IDEA OKAY?! //calms down// Anyways please participate on the guess the next #2 the missing friend, and I would appreciate it! 🙂 It ends after 72 hours .. Maybe.





6 thoughts on “guess the next #2

  1. Me and my family, including my uncle, went to U.S.A to visit Helen’s family. Helen’s parents were crying. I sighed. “Going out for walk, mom.”
    I went out for a walk. “Oh-this place.” I remember this place. It was Helen’s secret hide out. I knew this place because Helen was showing off her secret hide out few years ago. “Memories.. I want them back.” But was it coincidence? I saw Helen’s favorite necklace saying “cool bff forever” I grabbed the necklace. I also found a piece of a man’a cloth on top of her necklace. I ran to Helen’s home, to see if I was correct..
    I asked my uncle to see if I can see his bag, and he said.”okay, but don’t touch my clothes” I knew it. But I had no choice but to find his favorite cloth. Voila! I found it. I found the missing piece of his favorite cloth. It matched! “Daddy, how long did uncle’s clothing piece fell out?” I asked my dad. “Years, I suppose. 5 years-” 5 years. That’s when Helen went missing.
    I ran to uncle. “Uncle, where’s Helen?” My uncle- I mean David looked pale. “what do you mean? I don’t know-” “then how can you explain THIS?” I showed everyone the proof. “I never told you about Helen!” Uncle, I mean David laughed. “Ha,ha,ha. Miss dectector, you ARE right this time!” I couldn’t believe it even though I am the one who found it. “You MURDER!” David laughed. “Now now, that’s not a way to call your uncle.. I didn’t kill anyone anyways?” I swiped away my tears. “I don’t have a criminal in my family!” David shrugged. “Wrong this time.” He ran out. Too late. My parents already called the police.
    “Fine.” Said David. “I was bored, than saw Jennifer with Helen. Helen looked so cool and cute and after Jennifer went to her academy, I asked her to date her, but of course, she was like 15 years old younger than me so she denied. Than I felt fury, and kidnapped her. HAPPY?!” My parents cried. Helen was back with us now. Helen ran back to her parents, crying.
    My picture was in the comet- and I got famous. I guess that isn’t THAT bad. 😉

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