event fashion: exclusive limited items

Yup, as you guys know, Fantage has released exclusive limited edition.

Items in order:

스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.32.54.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.32.52.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.32.51.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.32.49.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.32.47.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.32.45.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.32.42.png Sorry for boys, I’m a lazy butt so can’t upload boys items. //Ask boy bloggers instead! I’m sure everyone knows this thing so..

As I went to Hall of fame, I found out a lot of hall of fame-rs- was wearing the items above. And YASS I will post celebrities fashion about this exclusive limited items!

스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.27.46.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.27.51.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.27.59.png gianna4125, meme2607, __melanie__ No boy hall of fame-rs- were wearing the limited items, I’m sorry for boys. I sincerely apologize. ACTUALLY GO ASK THE BOY CELEBRITIES WHY THEY DIDN’T WEAR THE LIMITED ITEM By the way, I noticed that no one was actually wearing the nose! OMFG WHY WON’T ANYBODY NOTICE THAT THE NOSE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL PIECE IN THE WHOLE FANTAGE?! Well, for those of you who is ANGRY about no-nose- fashion, I will put street style fashion JUST FOR YOU!! BOW DOWN TO ME TO SAY THANK YOU!

Street styles:

스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.40.08.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.42.34.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.44.58.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.47.45.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.51.06.png스크린샷 2016-03-24 오후 8.52.26.png
You like it? Hope you do! 🙂 By the way, the last two is me, trying on some items at the photo booth. 😉 GOD DAMMIT THERE WASN’T A LOT OF PPL WEARING THOSE ITEMS Peace out!



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