Sewol Ho-2014 April

Hello everyone. Today I learned about terrors which happened in South Korea, and the nearest terror is the Sewol ho, so I am thinking about telling you guys what happened.

Korean_Ferry_Sewol_Capsized,_2014.jpg (credits to Wikipedia) In April 16, 2014, a ship called Sewol Ho (세월호) sank, with 476 people. Most of the dead people in Sewol-Ho is high school students who were going for a trip. 304 passengers died in Sewol Ho, and it’s really a heart-breaking news.

the captain

220px-EJ_Smith.jpg (credits to Wikipedia) As you know, he is the captain Edward J. from Titanic. He died while rescuing the passengers, and I think that was really loyal. However, Sewol Ho’s captain,  Lee jun suk (I think) was the first person who was rescued, and he didn’t even announced that the ship was sinking at first. He later announced to the passengers,”Don’t move, stay still” and because of that, a lot of passengers died, some of them leaving their proof that they was trying to escape.
Later on, when the captain of Sewol Ho was caught, the captain said he didn’t know what happened in Sewol Ho since he WAS NOT the captain. Most of South Koreans blame the captain a lot. :/ I think it’s really a big shame for South Korea.


some kakaotalk images sent by people who are dying -> people who they love.

(in both of the images, the left person is dying)

스크린샷 2016-04-04 오후 4.02.52.png
left person: Hey sis! You are going to trip today?? Have a nice trip! Don’t forget the souvenir xD
right person: okay lol I’ll have a nice day ❤
Right person” ..I don’t think I can buy the souvenir.. I’m sorry..
left person: …? what does that mean?

스크린샷 2016-04-04 오후 4.02.55.png
right person: dad
right person: da
right person: I love you dad
right person: I love you
Dad (left): Why~a love message! Daddy loves you too ❤ ❤ The weather is bad.. Have fun and if you arrive, give a message to mom!
Dad: son
Dad: give me a call
Dad: I love you son Please.. just be alive..

(both credits to naver) If I was one of the person who got the message from the people who was dying, I would probably be SUPER sad. Like, I would’ve give call to the police, and everyone else who can rescue.. 😦 You know what I mean, right?

I have no more words to say about Sewol-Ho.. I will post more about terror-(especially South Korea, I don’t know much about other terrors) which is heart breaking. 😦

Peace out,

sad unnamed.png


7 thoughts on “Sewol Ho-2014 April

  1. It really is sad how many people die around the world. I hope for the best for people in South Korea, as well as others in different countries – basically everyone living on Earth and whatever planet holds life forms.

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