Hey m8s! I noticed I haven’t posted anything about OOTD since April, I’m so embarrassed //hides in the corners// //waits for a hand//

스크린샷 2016-04-26 오후 11.10.08.png
Shoutout to Natarsha15 for having a nice fashion sense! Even though she just ‘le poofed’ away to talk with her friends XD

my style:

hair: purple braided hair from MyMall
top: Airy Peach Top from Le shop
bottom: tan shorts from Le shop
shoes: rare cleoptra’s shoes
board: rare Sparkling Platform
body acc: Pink Stardust hilarious fact: Fantage made this item AFTER the celebrity called Pink Stardust joined Fantage and everyone should know this and I’m just saying this for newbies
hair acc: Blue Devil ears from CCC
earrings: rare silver hoops

Natarsha15’s style: I’ll only add items different from me

top: Purple Sunset Tees from Le shop
bottom: Turquoise pants from Le shop
shoes: rare Lovely shoes
MOodies: IDK but can get on IDFONE shop


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