Curious Question

Hey darlings!

I have been curious lately about spending….

How much money have you spend on Fantage?


Are you planning to spend more money on it?


35 thoughts on “Curious Question

  1. let’s see.. i bought 2 1-year memberships, i forgot how much they cost since it’s not an option anymore so i don’t know how much i’ve spent
    i really don’t care though
    i don’t plan on getting another membership for fantage when it expires this year
    i’ll get another membership on a game i play a lot or buy something on a game i play a lot though

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    1. not planning on spending anymore 1st time was $20 that I got from my uncle as a present I spent it on ecoins
      2nd was $10 last summer on membership
      never spending money on fantage again they’re to money hungry

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