Answers For Q&A w/ Nancy

Hey darlings!

I’m going to answer to the question you asked. Here we go!


hows life?

why did you choose the name carl?

favorite type of food?

favorite game?

My answers:

My life is good so far!

I did not choose it, it came up. I was bored on Fantage with Adaina. So, I wore the rare blue afro hair and said I was Carl. That became my nickname since that.

My favorite type of food is milk chocolate.

Idk, I play a lot of games.


If you decide to make another blog, what would it be?

Would you pay for Fantage?

Do you have a crush? If yes, why?

My answers:

If I decided to make another blog, it might be about me traveling probably in the future when I’m out of school and college as in graduating.

I have paid for Fantage as in membership and gold, but not anymore.

My crush is my bed. It’s so comfy.


Favourite song?

Favourite type of music?

Favourite animal?

Dream trip?

Since when do you play Fantage?

Favourite colour?

Who would you like to meet the most?

Most relatable meme?

Do you play an instrument? If yes, wich one? If not, would you want to?

Any extracurricular activity?

Do you like sports?

Favourite subject at school?

Left or right hand?

How would you describe yourself?

My answers:

I can’t pick one honestly. I have so many.

My favorite type of music is pop. Any kind of pop is cool.

I love dogs.

Going to Tokyo.

2010. It will say 2013 with my main acc but it’s 2010 since my olddd acc got hacked and I gave it away.

Yellow 💛

I want to meet alot of people really badlyyyyy idk.

My most relateable meme:

I actually play 2 instruments! I play the piano and ze violin!

I’m in NJHS. If don’t know what it is, google it. It’s helpful for college.

I like volleyball. I get hit by the ball most of the time.


I’m right handed.

Socially awkward person. 🙂

That’s it!

If you have other questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!

Bye little darlings!


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