Happiness tag

Thank you Ellie for tagging me! This post was originally needed to posted before 5 days, but I forgot about this so.. yeah

List 5 things that make you happy
-List 5 songs that make you happy
-Nominate 5 people to do this tag
-If possible please smile while doing the tag too
Would you like a pixel/virtual smile? Nah joking, I’m smiling right now 😉

5 things that make me happy:

  1. Blogging
  2. my family/friends/people I know
  3. drawing
  4. reading books
  5. You guys 🙂

5 songs that makes me happy:

  1. Fate
  2. wildest dream
  3. forgotten sorrow
  4. I remember you (if you comment down the signer’s name for this song, no prize)
  5. vineyard

I nominate..

  1. jellybean68437
  2. Antarctica1234
  3. piya17
  4. Nutella Bae 
  5. Queen Minty

Ignore if you already done this before ~woo


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