Okay so I am at the dentist for my brace.. (Visit every month for two years) and OW it hurts a lot

And how about this weird feeling with the braces..

OMG okay sorry the dentist lowered my chair down and it scared me to death

I’m scared here guys


41 thoughts on “Ow?

    1. I go to dentist every month
      And renew the braces
      And it hurts every month
      I’m currently crying (no seriously)
      And I am eating medicine
      It might be different for you but yeah
      I’m soon going to pull out some of the teeths because they are taking so much space D:

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      1. Ono good luck m8..
        My first 3 days were super hard I couldn’t control it lol
        But I got used to the OW (makes up a word) ness so..
        But my parents are saying “OMG YOUR TEETH IS SMALLER” every time I visit the dentist lol and I guess my teeth makes my parents proud

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