My blogs + omg + tired

So apparently I work on 9 blogs.. And it’s quite stressful for me because ‘ya know, I have no more posts ideas.. So I’m just going to fire myself from few blogs. But idk how. Help me 😮 Why am I so bad at WordPress hits myself

  1. fantage diamond
  2. minso’s little café
  3. fantage chatter
  4. le fantage fruits
  5. le fantage potatoes
  6. fantage leprachaun
  7. fall from pastel
  8. fantage mint candy
  9. fantage stars

^ blogs I work


50 thoughts on “My blogs + omg + tired

      1. Only the owners can do that, tell them you don’t want to work anymore, simple as that ;; w ;;
        //it might take them eons to reply though so–

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