Diamond games~ teams

There is gonna be 4 teams in total~

Group 1:

  1. Cathie611 cathie7125@gmail.com
  2. B.C.B thenolens@catt.com
  3. Sunstar5412 sunstar5412@gmail.com
  4. Rainbowstar135 rainbowstarfantage@gmail.com
  5. Mizz_violatte Blue.avenuekitten@gmail.com

Group 2:

  1. Pixie pixie89012@gmail.com
  2. Mmchan mmchansfantageblog@gmail.com
  3. Antarctica1234 reedrose.777@gmail.com
  4. Nina20067 y2000shp@hotmail.com
  5. Summer summer3634fantage@gmail.com

Group 3:

  1. Lenah lhsmalak700@gmail.com
  2. Is it really necessary? aka Emily riaann1210@gmail.com
  3. fluffypuffypuff amsshigemi@hotmail.com
  4. Calypso200 calypso.is.awesome@gmail.com
  5. Miss piggy misspiggy12093847@gmail.com

Group 4:

  1. Cindy Senpai fantagekittyblog@gmail.com
  2. Ellie elkim0918@gmail.com
  3. Twinkles twinkelswashere@gmail.com
  4. Lydiarocks8 lydiaroxz8@gmail.com
  5. Pixey123456 Lucypowerlolz1@gmail.com

special thanks to this beautiful randomizer gosh So this is the teams, and I guess we’ll just be starting soon! And if you want your email down, please tell me 🙂 But you still gotta be in touch with your team mate so.. I’ll soon announce the team captain. I’m just updating my diamond mall so..

Round 1 will be coming soon~


47 thoughts on “Diamond games~ teams

      1. Do I just email everyone and tell them that it’s me and ask them if they have any ideas for team name /captain
        (I’m so dumb I’m sorry)

        Liked by 2 people

      2. oh i thought we could do google hangouts but we could go on an xat. i’m not sure if we could do a group xat but maybe if someone has one on their blog and they can password protect it we could do that

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I found a hangout invitation sent from you.
        Are we just going to do a message thing?
        Cuz gurl if we video call then that will be a disaster.
        B/c my face is ugly LOL

        Liked by 2 people

      4. Oh my glob I have an idea.
        Maybe we can ask minso if she can add a separate page called the diamond games, and then she can put a password protected page, (she can tell us the pass through email), and then she can put in our very own XAT.
        Maybe not, idk even.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. You will definitely NOT join my games after you see the prizes:
        You’ll get a traditional chibi, a header, and 1000 diamond points
        (might add more)


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