Diamond games team captains/names!

Some of the participants didn’t joined when they made their team names/captains, so for some teams, they’re name/captain is going to be chosen random 🙂

Team 1:
team captain: rainbowstar135
team name: Silver heart

Team 2:
team captain: Pixie
team name: gold petals 

Team 3:
team captain: Calypso200
team name: Ze people

Team 4:
team captain: Lydiarocks8
team name: Chocolate pooping bananas

That’s it! Task 1 is coming up soon, so be ready~ Lol and if you are one of the team captains, and if you don’t think you can be active, please tell me so I can pick another one.

What team captains do:

  1. Send me your team’s done project
  2. If there is a fight, try to calm them down
  3. Become a leader obviously

55 thoughts on “Diamond games team captains/names!

  1. Oh im so sorry we didnt hand our name in. We had it a week ago but then we forgot. We were thinking Chocolate Pooping Bananas. Is that okay or is it too inappropriate?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Just because you want to be captain means you have to be captain huh?
        So that means if i want to be captain i get to be captain! And everybody else in the world who wants to be captain can also be captain!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Uh..
      Cindy said its okay for you to become a captain, but I thought everyone agreed for Lydia to become a captain so.. 😦
      If you really want, it’s your choice, but it would be sad 😦


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