Diamond games-task 1

Draw a Chibi of a Fantagian!

I’m sorry this task is a bit hard, but oh well! 😛 The next round is going to be super easy so.. ARGH SPOILER

So you and your teammates needs to draw a Chibi, and you guys NEED to show me the ref when you send the finished project to me.

  1. Ref needs to be a Fantagian (any picture in Google is okay lol)
  2. You need to participate in this task, you can’t say “I can’t art” or something.. Kay?

“Minso I am dropping out. I can’t draw.” No, please don’t say that ;-; if you can’t draw, you can choose the ref or give ideas? Yeah..


Team 4, please listen carefully.. Cindy Senpai dropped out in this game. So if you know a friend who wants to participate here, you can bring ’em, but only one. Okay? Thanks *^^*
edit: mocookies20 aka rawr:^) is joining! Woo! I’ll send you guys the group email again 😀 

You can find some nice Fantagians from:






58 thoughts on “Diamond games-task 1

    1. Wait, did you join the diamond games, Alex Cash? I’m so sorry, I simply cannot remember right…
      I’m also at my school using my computer, and somehow it doesn’t let me go to the reader, so… I’m so sorry.


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