Sophia {story} part 1

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Sophia. She was just a normal, plain girl who loved Fantage. She was a blogger, but she never posted anything mean about Fantage. She was a great girl to Fantage. 

So Fantage gave Sophia a email. This is email from Fantage’s P.O.V-

스크린샷 2016-05-30 오후 9.32.33.png
Sophia was really excited. Her Oc, Sophia, the tall girl with long curly hair, with a yellow/red ribbon, was becoming one of Fantage’s NPC???? She replied, I will be glad too! Thank you so much Fantage! I really love you!!!!


Few months later, Sophia saw her Oc with “coming soon;PM BOUTIQUE” banner. She was really happy at first. Her oc was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY PART OF FANTAGE! But then, after looking CLOSELY at the banner, she was upset. Sophia was a non member. She never had paid Fantage before. 

스크린샷 2016-05-30 오후 9.44.36.png

Fantage understood what she meant. They knew she wasn’t a member, and they knew she never paid for the company. So they went evil. They started to use Sophia’s OC as a bad thing, that will surely annoy bloggers. 

Fantage made a way that will surely annoy Fantagians. EXCLUSIVE LIMITED ITEMS. WITH HORRIBLE PRICES. And that worked. Many posts saying mean stuff about Sophia. Mainly, Sophia. Sophia was really sad how her OC was hatred. Because of Fantage. All BECAUSE OF FANTAGE. 

So Sophia and her friends decided to do something mean to Fantage, such a DDOS attack… 



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