Diamond games- task 1

only 2 groups sent me the drawing, but the other 2 teams didn’t ;-;
Silver heart and Chocolate Pooping Bananas, please send me the drawing within 24 hours. I will give you another day to finish it, but if you guys don’t, I have warned you, there will be penalties. 

If you really want to finish the drawing, but if your team mates doesn’t answer, please tell me&then you have the permission to draw by yourself, but please put your signature/watermark inside your drawing.





Hey, it was my dream to use ALL 3 of my signatures 🙂 




21 thoughts on “Diamond games- task 1

      1. Please tell your team group that the due date was already over…
        I think schools are pretty hard for you so I’ll give you and chocolate pooping bananas 48 hours more.
        If you guys can’t finish even then, I can’t do it anymore 😦


    1. I went to google and started searching xD
      Supermodel made it for me 😉
      But go to onlinesignature.in and scroll down until you see “animated signatures” and click “click now”
      And I think yon can make one after that xD
      But idk how you make the animated signatures, still. I like YOUR way better 🙂


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