Fantage Sophia {story} part 2

My dad isn’t looking at me, so why don’t I finish part 2 of Sophia’s Fantage story?

Sophia’s dad was a cyber police. So Sophia said Fantage was a dangerous kid’s site, which needs to go under DDOS attack. But her dad said NO, because that was WAYY too dangerous.

So Sophia secretly visited Fantage’s rival company, called Vantage. I know it’s a car brand, but I had a name-block omg LOOL Sophia gave Vantage a lot of money, and Vantage decided to drop DDOS attack on Fantage.

So they first made Fantage’s blog unavailable, so no one would know about Vantage’s doing. And they dropped a DDOS ATTACK ON FANTAGE. KA BOOM-

Sophia was glad. She felt happy. She didn’t regret what she has done. She has spent more than 5000k $ on the DDOS attack. Fantage was scared.

But Sophia’s dad was so angry, so he didn’t let her daughter meet with his real boyfriend. Sophia felt sad. So she cried and ran around the room. But then she banged her head on her desk, so she lost her memory.

Fantage knew it, because they had sent a secret agent called Scarlet on the cyber police group. So Fantage kept on using Sophia as a annoying character, and she became more and more hatred.


~~~if this post get over 15 likes, I will continue writing more stories ^^


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