Diamond games-task 1 Results

I will show you guys every group’s chibi with references 🙂

Group 1:

(didn’t do it)

Group 2 (Gold Petals):

Points-9/10 It was supposed to be 8/10, but since you guys added blinking gif too, I decided to give you +1 point since I know it’s hard to make a gif

Group 3 (Ze People):

Points: 7/10 +1 since you guys were the first person to hand in

Group 4:



points-6/10 -2 points since Ellie was the only one to work on chibi and yeah. 

Question: Minso, how did you add the points? Or.. Did you just add more points to a certain group just because you like them???? HUH????

Answer: NOOO I will never just randomly give a point to a group, yeah. I’m not a unfair person.
Well, first, there are some bonus points which.. I’m sure you guys read it.

3 points: when you guys hand me the drawing before the due date
2 points: when you guys shade I didn’t told you guys this but shading is hard so ;-;
5 points: when I see hard work I don’t know how to explain it, but I have a way to see hard work
-9 points: if you copied 

Since group 1 didn’t do it, there will be some.. Punishment. To Silver hearts, cathie611,B.C.B,Sunstar5412,mizz_violatte,and Rainbowstar135, I will -10 points from you. So even though you guys have 10/10 points at the next round, you will still have total of 0 points.

Task 2 is coming out soon~



21 thoughts on “Diamond games-task 1 Results

  1. Wow group two did it really well :0.
    Our group tho….eh.
    I sorta helped I guess.
    What we did was each make our own and decided which one to turn in.
    *Except I missed the deciding part. Oops xD*
    We tried…..we tried.

    Liked by 1 person

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