I’m sorry. Especially to Lenah. Most of you may not know expect Mangos and Lenah (and some other people who looked at the comments) Imade a post about how to change my username is Band Avatar, and I’ll tell you what has happened. I showed my friend Koimin’s drawing and she said “wow! You should change your Band Avatar account to Koimin!” I thought it was a nice idea so I changed my name into Koimin. Then Mangos came to Band Avatar and asked why my username is Koimin. (Also on wp) but then, I got scared. If I told the truth, I was scared that you guys will think I’m so immature and I also thought you guys would break friendship with me and want to quit WordPress. I was always alone at my school, everyone ignored me and some girls even kicked (not hard) on purpose. I didn’t want that to happen even here, and I regret it so much. So I lied that  my friend forced me to, and Lenah caught me. I am so sorry. I will quit WordPress, or delete this blog, or somethings else you guys want me too. But if you forgive me, I promise I won’t lie anymore, and I also promise to Lenah I won’t disappoint you. I am so sorry. This may be the last post from me. And I am super sorry, once again.


63 thoughts on “I’msorry.

  1. if it makes you feel any better, I act like a 4-year old sometimes (it’s true, believe me)
    I…don’t know how that’ll make you feel better, I’m sorry.
    We all lie sometimes, we can act immature at times, we all do things. Sometimes, it’s good to just, go ahead and tell the truth (ahem, rawr, you too.)
    Don’t quit or delete wordpress please :^c if you do, I’m coming with you and I’ll also delete my wordpress because (as a friend ok) I love yooou minso ;v;
    (also um, what the heck is band avatar o.o I was thinking of something but I was like “nope that can’t be it”)

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    (see? First-class immaturity right here.)
    Anyway, you have no idea how much I lie to people. More often than not, I twist the truth to get what I want. Trying to break this habit, but…
    I guess typing responses out make me think about my words more. I would actually muse about a comment to make sure I don’t hurt people too much… Becuase an outspoken comment often hurts people too much… and I’m that kind of person who avoids drama, trouble and hardships as much as possible.
    Wahhhh veering off-topic!
    Everyone lies. (HUE HUE) Yet I’m still able to find friends. I wouldn’t hate you becuase of one little (harmless) lie.
    I have so many regrets, too many to count.
    Don’t quit WordPress. (If you do, come back with another username *wink wink* 😛 ) because I’m going to miss you so, so much…

    i f o r g i v e y o u

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      I thought most of the people would want me to delete my blog and quit, but you felt me felt really.. Nice and you and roar made me become much more better person 🙂


  3. I didnt know this, but when i read this post i feel sorry. I do forgive you and please dont quit wordpress but if you do i will too and thats because i love you. I hope this makes you feel better.:)

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  4. it’s not a big deal minso, we were just wondering why you were using koimin as your name. next time, make sure you don’t steal anything/anybody’s name/art/etc ok? it’s nothing to overreact about

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    u are so nice and helpful
    Pls dont leave when something else leans u down, i need u here.

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  6. Humans are not perfect, we do lie, and do immature things sometimes, but it’s good that you didn’t twist the truth, or what, and you told the truth! And that’s good, it means that chur kind & good as a person! So please don’t leave us and leave wordpress, you’re always so sweet and kind to me, I don’t want to lose chu as a friend. Even me, I’m a bad person sometimes, I tend to lie a lot 🙁, and I’m currently trying to quit this BAD habit. Everyone lies and do wrong things at times, who never lied before, I don’t believe that no one lied before, and even me, I lie, but I’m still able to find good friends, even you, even I just known you for a short time, but chur still my good friend, I treat you as though you’re my sis! No one would hate you, just because of a little white and harmless lie. Hope you feel better after seeing my comment, FIGHTING!!! Never give up!!! 💪💪💪
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  7. No one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect. We all lie and we are all alone at some point. But if we stay together, we can fight the lies and loneliness that comes to us. I understand how you feel. I feel like the only friend I have outside WordPress is myself. No one will talk to me. No one will listen to me when I talk. It feels like I’m just not there. But when I’m here with you and everyone else on here, I feel happy. I feel closer. Don’t quit just because of a harmless lie. Don’t let that become something that tears us apart. In reality, these mistakes and mess ups are what bring us closer. I don’t want you to feel alone just as you have been at your school. It’s painful and should happen to nobody. But like Mangos said, it’s not a huge deal. It’s just one little lie that can be fixed. All they wanted to know was why your name was Koimin. That’s all. ^^

    Okay I’m done.

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  8. Minso, don’t overreact.
    No one is perfect,including you and me and everyone else in the wp community. Everyone lies and we’ve all been lonely sometime in our lives. Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are what get you further. It’s not a big deal.
    Hope this helped ^^

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  9. They just wanted to know, and you don’t have to lie. Sure some of us have gone that path before, but not again. Also don’t delete your blog and etc., it doesn’t erase your mistakes, if anything it leaves some of us confused or guilty. By the way you should probably apologize to Lenah since you’ve lied to her a couple of times. She’s probably a bit mad or something, but she’ll forgive you one day. Good Luck~!

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  10. What? No! Maybe sometimes, you’ll want to use an excuse, so you could avoid trouble, and it may not be the nicest thing to do, but since you are saying the truth and apologized, there’s no need for you to worry about it. 🙂

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