Task 2 more time?

Current Status:

  1. Silver hearts-almost done
  2. Gold Petals-Dunno
  3. Ze people-Almost done, only need to add the team members’ name.
  4. Chocolate Pooping Banans-Done.


So, I was thinking.. Finals are up ahead of us. My finals are.. coming… uh… at.. June 28th, but WHAT AM I DOING? JUST DOING WORDPRESS WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS STUDYING?! Wow, maybe I should just take a week break. But I can’t do that. Blogging is my life.  And some more bloggers’ final tests are coming up soon, so I’ll just give you guys 4 more days.

I hope that is enough for you guys.

Yeah… //poofs away//

Twinkling at the night,


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