Diamond games bonus

Hello. You don’t HAVE to do this task, since this is a bonus points game! 🙂


Pixel this adorable person *^^* for this task, you can work by yourself.

For example, if Pinkie Fantage and Mmchan both made a pixel of the character (they are on the same team), then both of them gets 5 points = 10!

You will earn 5 points by pixeling the person. :> the deadline is until June 18th, (one week) GO GO GO! Please comment “I’ll do it!” At the commenting page.

I’ll give you 2 points if I see hard work on your pixel. (So if you just give me your entry, I’ll at least give 2 points LOOL)


53 thoughts on “Diamond games bonus

      1. There should be something called “blog posts” or idk. (Mine is a Korean version so)
        Click “add” (or something) and write anything you want. And you’ll see a big blue button called “publish” next to the post. Click it to publish.


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