Diamond games task 2-results

Firstly, bonus points. I saw some hard-workers while making this team banner.
Thank you so much Rainbowstar135 for your hard work, and I also saw how you lead the team! <– 10+ points

And please read this. Can you please use the reply option to everyone else, including me so I can see you how you guys get organized. If you don’t know what I mean, look:

스크린샷 2016-06-06 오후 3.22.09.png
this is just a example, nothing related to Rainbow Star or something so, if I want to send the message to everyone else in group 1, and if I send the mail just like this, only rainbow star will get the mail. So when you send a mail, please include ALL of your team mates and me, thank you so much! 🙂 This way, I can see how your team gets organized. 

Silver hearts:
points: 10/10 woohoo! I like how you guys matched your theme 🙂 Silver!

Gold petals

Ze people
points: 8/10 Where has Hikari ❤ go? :^(

Chocolate Pooping bananas
points: 9/10 nice 🙂 

Current points:

Silver hearts-20 points
Gold petals- 17 points
Ze people-15 points
Chocolate Pooping Bananas-15 points

Woo! Task 3 is coming out soon~ Bonus points tasks are coming soon too~


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