Diamond games task 3 *new*

Hey guys! 🙂 Firstly, I am here to announce that IF 3 members of Ze People won’t comment down in this post, miss piggy will be moved to Chocolate Pooping Bananas. I’m giving last chance since everyone was busy and yeah. 24 hours left!

Task 3 is..

스크린샷 2016-06-17 오전 9.39.55.png

There will be 5 rounds, since there is 5 team members in your team. And for chocolate pooping bananas, don’t worry, please do the first 4 rounds first 😉

*ehem* Each round, one team member will have to dress up in Mt.Fantage, and take a screenshot, and email them to me. My email is minsehyun1114@gmail.com if you don’t know 😉 Some team members can help with *little* parts. I’m not a good explainer.

So if this is the group *crystal drops* and this is round 1 (theme is beach)

team captain: Hey, I will compete in this round!
team member 1: okay, sure! 🙂 
team captain: *dresses up* *shows team member before sending to minso*
team member 1: that’s nice
team member 2: *not replying*
team member 3: *that’s good, but how about wearing the brown boho hair thing?*
Team member 4: Niiice

wait, just comment down if you have more questions 🙂 I know I know, don’t blame me for not being-a-good-explainer-because-my-life-is-oh-so-complicated-

The first round will be..

스크린샷 2016-06-17 오전 10.14.51.png

Team captains will dress up in this round, thanks! 🙂



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