Should I change my name?

I’m thinking of Natsuki Chan, Hina Chan, Konami Chan, or something

Atsuko Chan? Sena Chan? Enemoto Chan? I’m mostly obsessed with honeyworks.

please choose one of above, but if you have other opinions, please comment.


13 thoughts on “Should I change my name?

  1. I think minso is fine
    Are they Japanese names?
    Suggesting some: Kira, Hikari, Misora
    and if it’s “Chan”, there probably should be a hyphen
    But for my case, it’s my Chinese surname so no hyphen?
    I’m not good at naming
    I don’t even have an English name (everyone has a Chinese name, but you can pick an English name. Some parents just give English names along with the Chinese name when they’re born, but for others, the kid can choose themselves. And I haven’t. So yeah)

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  2. I like minso, but you can change it if you want to. :^)
    In the choices above, I would choose Sena-chan.
    I suggest you to take a look at this site :,d.aXoou.
    Find a name that describes you 🙂

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  3. Woahhhh, sao many chans xD For Lumi her surname is Chan that’s why she’s called Lumi Chan LOL And I think Minso sounds awesome, but if you want to change chur name it’s fine too!~ I suggest Ai chan, cause one of Shinchan’s friend is called that too, or Aoi chan is good too, cause one of L❤DK’s main character is called Aoi too, sounds good or Naomi chan is good too, Naomi means beauty in Japanese xD LOL, my ideas are lame xP LOL, don’t mind moi, ignore this 😛

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