Thoughts on Eat Your Veggies Event

Hey darlings!

It’s been too long I posted on this blog. So, moving on.

I had just checked on the new event, and honestly? I think it’s boring. It’s the same with the flower event thing at the past. For me, a non, is just a waste of time. It’s cool if you got gold to afford the game items you need for it. I can’t afford it, which sucks for me. Voting is okay, but I can’t do anything on the event because I’m a non and doesn’t have enough gold for any event. Yeah. Sucks.

The user inspired thing got me pumped up though. Plus, they have a theme for homes. Yes, they’re going back to homes. 🙂 It’s been long time they put homes out. Nice to see they’re bring it back.

So, that’s it! What do you think? Do you relate? If so, leave comments below!



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