I think it’s time for me to say it out loud. Goodbye. I feel like blogging is disturbing all my free time, and well.., I enjoyed it. I might come back, but I’m not planning too. I’m so sorry. My finals, my homeworks, my friends.., they can’t play with me, I can’t study, when I have blogging by my side. I’m sorry. Bye.

For Diamond Games…, if you want to become the new host, please email-me. I will hire you in this blog.


134 thoughts on “Goodbye.

  1. Wait

    //hugs really tightly
    don’t leave us
    yayyyy //awkward laugh

    break > quit
    Or hiatus, which pretty much means the same thing

    DEEEEP BREATH, myself
    If she wants to leave, respect her decision

    (grits teeth)

    Minso, I respect your decision and understand the need for your leave. I hope you have found blogging an interesting and fun experience. It is a sad moment when we see you leave. I hope you fare well in life, AHHH SCREW THIS

    shut up, myself
    you have to finish your speech

    …fare well in life and… ACK



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      1. woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh noo cri but take care and dnt say goodbaii cuz it hurts!!!!! mah sis u will remain mah swissy always …..and plz talk to me whenever u get time and study hard, win in life and else if i say mre then imma cri baii sis hehe

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  3. Well screw it.
    The time came.
    This came quicker than expected.
    Nevertheless, I respect your decision. I’m not the one who controls your ideas.
    I will miss you. Your 100 followers will miss you. You have been such an amazing friend to all of us.
    In advance, believe in yourself and in the work that you do, because we do. I hope you know that. 🙂
    Hopefully we can stay in contact through email. Do you still have mine?

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      1. I’ll wait 🙂
        Well I’ll try to LOL
        Please remember the peking duck and swan. We shall never forget, even though you tried to freaking eat my cousin. XD

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  4. MINSO!!! DONT!! PLS!!!
    I will miss you so much.
    I will take care of Diamond Games.
    I will take care of this for you.
    I will email you.
    Will you text me?
    It’s just sad to hear you go away..
    Oh god, there goes the waterworks.
    I’m crying….. Please, give me a moment. 😭
    Remember, dont listen to all the haters. Because you shine like the diamond you are. 💎

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  5. good luck with your studies!! youll do a great job!
    you can always contact me with my email ( if you ever feel depressed, you can always come to us, okay?

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  6. I came back with a reason why you should stay.
    You have 104 followers.
    That’s over 100.
    You have to stay
    Not for me
    But for them
    Think of
    //Insert sad violin music here
    everyone who has stayed with you. Think of how they would feel.
    I mean, there were some amazing people in the community.
    It wouldn’t be the same if we lost one more of our members.
    It would be a monstrosity.
    For them
    //Exit with a dramatic sob

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  7. Awwwww 😭, it’s KK, you don’t need to apologize 😊, there’s something that’s called BREAK, after your break, you still can come back if you want 😊 We will respect all chur decisions 😊 Don’t worry, real friends will not leave you 😊 We still can maintain contact if you want 😊 I can understand that you need to focus well in chur studies and maintain chur friendship ^ ^ Studies and friendship are both really important things, so I hope chu do well in all!~ ^3^ But I’ll miss chu a lot 😭😭😭 Urghhhh, there’s a lot of things I want to say to you, but I don’t know how to say. dang 😭😭😭 I really hope you’ll maintain contact with moi, in Fantage or Instagram, Youtube, Gmail if you have one, urgghhhh, I want to cry so much 👽👽👽 Sorry, if I babble too much 😓😓😓 I really hope that you will do well in your life, so I don’t want to force you to come back to WordPress or what, I just hope that we can continue to maintain in contact ❤ In the end, I just want to say, Good Bye, hope you can be happy & stay awesome 👋🎀🌹 I’ll tell Lumi bout this, she’ll miss chu too 😭😊❤🌹💖


  8. I can’t believe you’re quitting. You were really nice and probably nicer then a lot of people I know IRL. I hope you liked blogging and all the stuff that has happened, Either way, cya Minso! You’ll always be remembered in the blogging community. 🙂

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