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Hey! Happy 4th of July! I’m not American though.

Today I started summer school, and it’s real boring so far. I have to do a ton of assignments. Let’s hope I survive and can make all of the due dates… =_= (Class is civics. It’s kinda difficult for me, as it’s more of a “TELL US YOUR OPINION” (which I have none, as these topics don’t interest me) instead of a “MEMORISE 3894238483234 THINGS AND DO A TEST”. Yes, I’d rather do the latter. Much easier as it requires less thought, just more study.

Also, I will continue ranting about the guy’s route in Amnesia later. Occupied with school, and it’s really hard to make these posts. (Considering my brother bugs me almost 24/7. He literally woke me up today, uGH).

Anyways, to ensure that I do something productive this summer, I’m going to do something that I don’t normally…

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