Hello! [Re-Upload]

Hey guys! I’m the new host for Fantage Diamond since Ellyn decided to quit. I’m the owner of Jazzing on About Life, which I still haven’t changed my URL….. but yeah! I work kn one other blog, I like to play video games, be lazy, play sports, and wear pants instead of skirts :). I will be posting other than the Diamond Games, too so look out for that! I don’t really post much on other blogs since I’m too lazy but yeah. The link to my blog is http://www.fantagejazzers.wordpress.com be sure to check t out, and bye! =3


63 thoughts on “Hello! [Re-Upload]

      1. wtf
        why do u always use sarcasm
        it sounds so weird
        im not pissed, because today i am going to be going to emilys party, so im not pissed


      2. im not testing to see if ur nice rofl
        im testing to see if you still have the sarcasm in you
        i don’t wanna be friends with you
        no matter what Sophia says


      3. well apparently I said that you were testing to see if I’m nice in your world of stupidity
        but in reality, you got vision problems


      4. okay, akira
        look, whats wrong with us?
        do you know what caused this?
        you think i caused this.
        no one did
        can we just get on with our lives?
        lets just forget about this.


      5. I don’t want to keep fighting either
        tbh, every time we become friends again, i try to keep it that way, because you’re the only person who isn’t boring, and is online often.
        I treasure my friendships with you, but I don’t think it’s the same with me.


  1. Uh. Can you like make a post about everyone’s that still IN the diamond games? Because people have been quoting here and there.
    When you quit I wanna be host.
    Hosting seems fun and stressful. I wanna do that


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