2014 Fantage Cynthia1it

Want to see me before I joined WordPress and absolutely LOVED Fantage?

I was going through channels I subscribed to to see if they posted any new videos on YoutTube. Then I found this girl that I met way back in 2014. She had a video of the Fourth of July event in Fantage and I was in it. Oh. My. Fluffin’. Macaroni.

About a year ago I commented with “Fantage Grammar”. Which is pretty much me saying “ouo”, “haii”, and “smh” a lot. Oh my.

A couple months later she just so happened to be on while I was on, and asked me if I wanted to help her with a video. It was when Fantage took away the red words, which if you don’t know what that did it basically highlighted your whatever you said in red if it didn’t show up. Pretty much why you didn’t see as many people saying “awesome”, “sHOES”, or “fun” at the end of their sentences

Did you know that I used to dress in that all the time? Seriously. All. The. Time. WHY DID I DRESS LIKE THAT THOUGH?!?! Maybe it’s… (maybe it’s Maybelline) because I had a pretty bad inventory, so that was the best outfit I could probably make out of it. Either way I look like a mom who’s trying to look “hip” and is struggling to ride a blue tricycle.




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