You should join…

Tattered Weave! I just joined and it’s a pretty addicting and fun game, you go on quests to get items and use those items to do other quests!

You should check out Luke’s blog, he did a post about it click here to see his blog and the post.

When you join if you have any of these items or have bought them (or will buy them) please trade me. They also have an efficient trading system which allows you to trade their currency (shards and gems), and items (no tax!). I’ll either give you some shards or an item that you want or need for a quest. Here’s the list that I need:

Air Freshner (Buy at General Store)

Rubber Gloves (Buy at General Store)

Brown Dye (Buy at Tailored Fashions)

Puppet Show Stage (I don’t know, maybe the arcade?)

Pie Crust Recipe (Buy at General Store)

Milk (Buy at General Store)

I think that’s all, cya later!


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