Tattered Weave: Veggies or no veggies?

I’ve looked at another blogger’s pet and I noticed that there is a difference. How? This blogger only fed her’s junk food and it has 9 hp with 3 items. 9/3 is 3, that means that each of the items were 3 hp. Mine only has 1 hp per an item, which means that junk food may be better.

Although mine has 84 ‘reason’, which may be because of the books or the veggies. I ran a test and the veggies did not impact the ‘reason’.

In result, junk food is better for the Kith’s health. It can lead to an attitude though ( it says that in the tutorial). I might continue feeding mine vegetables until I run out though, it’s attitude is curious.

Should I feed it junk food for the first time, if so when?


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