My Advice On Writing Essays

 Writing can be difficult at times, especially when you start going to higher grades. I have some advice to give you that I keep in mind whenever I have to do essays for school. 

  1. You don’t have to use high vocabulary sometimes.

You still need the reader to understand you, sometimes high vocabulary isn’t the best choice. (Let’s just say I’m writing about my pet peeves) Example:

Pet peeves are things that a particular person finds irritating, and even in some situations aggravating which can lead to violence (although it rarely can eventuate). Although in most cases the individual just gets miffed. Pet peeves can vary, some individual’s pet peeves may be jarring to others once discovered.

Another Example:

I’m currently making this post in spite of individual, so please disregard how churlish I might seem at the moment.

Not the best examples, but you get what I’m saying.

2. Don’t use so much slang.

Don’t use words like ‘OMG, GURLLLL!’ and ‘u ok fam?!?!’.

(Writing about your favorite sport)Example:

I luv soccer! It’s like, so kewl! U kick a ball then u just try 2 get in da goal!!! Its like, so, so, fun! Peeps think dat its boring but I think dat it is bae! U kno yesterday me and my squad were chillin playin and we was all playin soccer #squadgoals.

Yeah, no.

This is what I keep in mind while I write essays and etc., hope this helped!




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