Let me get to straight to the point; I’m quitting blogging.

It isn’t as lively and entertaining anymore, it’s also not as active. Basically, it’s boring.

Instead of blogging and constantly checking my g-mail for posts, I’ve moved on to playing Tattered Weave, Transformice, and watching more You-Tube.




Let me get some things off my chest:

If you don’t want to hear what I want to say, then you don’t have to read it. 

Ellyn Kim, you’re immature. You rarely accept someone else’s opinion about you that you disagree with. You simply can’t ignore someone’s opinion. Get over the fact that not everyone thinks that you’re sweet. (You’re ignorant and rude, in my honest opinion).

Think I’m being extra? Here’s a clip of a post she made but later decided to delete.

“As for Misspiggy, enough with this. Getting into another person’s conversation isn’t quite good. It’s a personal talk with someone, so you don’t have to snoop around. If someone is talking about something serious, don’t get into it. You’re not helping at all. You’re just causing people to waste time having to talk to TWO people. I am also aggravated. I’m not stubborn, and Cindy is right. Once you understand my high expectations which ARE NOT TO BE joked around by, you’ll get me.”

“I’m not stubborn”, again refusing to accept my honest opinion.

Whatever your name was-Senpai/ bla bla bla Cindy or whatever, you’ve sent info to people. Like when I felt that Ellyn Kim was being a bit too childish you told her that. You seem sweet, but you aren’t really what you seem. (Basically you’re a backstabbing person).

Besides those people, I don’t have much against anyone in this community.


Edit: Ayyy, they replied. Akira posted a long message trying to defend herself and Ellyn, and whatever else she said. I didn’t bother to read the rest.

Oh, here’s a quote from Akira’s comment “Everyone thought that I quit because blogging is boring, but I quit mainly because I hate everyone here for many reasons. Minso, jazzharts, joyceolivia, misspiggy. You’re all stupid and babyish and annoying.”So she went on throwing shade, and etc.

Ellyn’s comment went directly to spam, which is good. I’ll just keep it where it belongs 🙂



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