This is so random and unexpected, but right now I’m just rambling. I want to put it somewhere.

ANYWAYS, I dislike my science teacher (it has something to do with it later on). SHE GAVE ME A 75 ON A PACKAGE THAT I COMPLETED EXCEPT FOR ONE PAGE BECAUSE MY TEAMMATES DIDN’T HAVE THE RESOURCES

SO WHILE I SIT THERE READING A BOOK, BECAUSE WE LITERALLY ARENT DOING ANYTHING, SHE GOES OVER AND GIVES ME THE ‘i am so disappointed in u’ LOOK. ON TOP OF THAT SHE TELLS ME “is reading a book more important than science? i am so disappointed in u *my name*”. HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Of course I’m not rude (plus no write-ups for me, thank you), so I barely manage to say “sorry m’aam”. For the remainder of class (15-ish minutes) I stare at my paper. IS THAT BETTER!?!??!



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