New Year, New Me.

It is 2017, guys. Almost been a year since I’ve blogged. 11 months. From being a worker on Fantage Kitty Blog, then making Fantage Stars, onto Ellyn Shines, and now, Brookie Soars. I have delt with drama lots of times, from people thinking I’m rude, to people thinking I’m babyish. I don’t like drama, and I never liked it. Drama is a waste of time, seeing who is stronger. Someone has to say sorry, but the other never apologizes. Drama isn’t something I look up to. Drama caused the community to fall apart. Minso is gone, Akira is gone, chasano, Colour Bae, etc. I miss most of them, but this is just gone way too far. People randomly start drama for no reason. Those people are the ones who caused everyone to leave. I don’t want drama, I don’t need drama. So, I will ignore this whole thing. I don’t want anything to do with hate. It aggravates me.

I guess this is the new me.

Good damn bye~

-Ellie aka Brookie



i just randomly popped up.

anywho, i unfollowed anyone who was inactive from july and below. 

except the ppl who are active in liking and commenting, but inactive in blogging.

also, has anyone else knew that mmchan has been inactive? maybe cloud82, but i think she has another blog. i accidently unfollowed, sorry. give me the url pls?

anywho, bye

check my out. @ellynkim

i wanna have 500 fans. i have 400.

Peace 😚

I’m Done

Okay, so it is July 16. Only Pixie sent me her edit. I am tired and busy. I am going to give you until 11:59 PM to finish this. I seriously just want to quit blogging right now. This is getting so annoying having to deal with posting. Minso, take me off your blog. Don’t beg me to come back. Whatever you do, nope. I won’t come back onto this blog. You know what, I am giving you until 8:00 PM to work on these edits.Goodbye, Fantage Diamond.


Hi everyone! This is Ellie, and I will be hosting the Diamond Games for minso! I might post a bit about other topics but we’ll see. Well, you already know me, so I don’t really need an intro.. If you do not know me, my name is Ellyn, but I use Ellie as my screen name. I work on three blogs now, with one blog all to myself. It is summer time for me so I can post alot. I have a and I play Minecraft and Speed Guess. I love watching nail videos, so cutepolish is my distraction. Well, baii!

Peace 😘 (as i use as my goodbye)