Fantage Diamond is NOT Quitting

I can handle 3 blogs. We never decided to end FD, we had decided to shut down DiamondGames until further notice. Before you make a decision Ellie, please tell us a reason, and we never deicdee on this deicsion. We aren’t letting Minso’s hard work go to waste, if it means playing Fantage, then I will. Fantage Diamond is NOT shutting down.


End of the Diamond Games

Soo uhhh yeppers. It ended, and if you know what the prize is, uhh tell me. Minso and I haven’t had much contact stating the fact she left Hangouts, and doing this can bare off some problems where people keep asking me, “Whatcha gonna do about the Diamons Games?” I ended it because a variety of reasons. 

  1. None of the teams are active
  2. The players aren’t active
  3. Minso left Hangouts
  4. I have no clue what to do

This is the end of the Diamond Games and if there was a prize be sure to tell me in ze comments, and bye!

No Tasks were in

By the title no one turned in their tasks, from every team I will want a explanation, if you don’t you don’t want to know what happens. 

The teams are 

Silver Hearts

Gold Petals (I think)

Ze People 

Chocolate Pooping Bananas 

I’ll be keeping track and waiting.

Task #5

[The former post was deleted due to issues.]

For Task 5 I want you to make a charactar using these items

If you have any questions or I did something wrong, inform me in le commentos, and once you’re finished with this email me to Bye! 

Hello! [Re-Upload]

Hey guys! I’m the new host for Fantage Diamond since Ellyn decided to quit. I’m the owner of Jazzing on About Life, which I still haven’t changed my URL….. but yeah! I work kn one other blog, I like to play video games, be lazy, play sports, and wear pants instead of skirts :). I will be posting other than the Diamond Games, too so look out for that! I don’t really post much on other blogs since I’m too lazy but yeah. The link to my blog is be sure to check t out, and bye! =3