Floor 1-Drawing Shop

Hello, welcome to..

Diamond mall-Floor 1-Drawing shop! You can buy some ugly and horrible drawings from me, minso..

Style 1-Simple Chibis!

300 points! 🙂 this one is really cheap guys ;-;

Style 2-Headshot! WATCH YOUR HEAD

IMG_0740.PNGIMG_0789.PNGGuys, this literally took me like 1 minute to finish this, and my iPad had 3% so I had to rush.. I’M SURE THE REQUEST WILL BE MUCH MORE PRETTIER THAN THIS! AHH

Costs-500 gold 😉 

Style 3-Full body Chibi
스크린샷 2016-05-05 오전 10.00.44.png
So ugly but still… I have no more examples to show you.. Or else it might hurt your beautiful eyes..
Costs-700 points! 

Hey, I’m not good at drawing men or anime, so please try to commission me on Fantage Character 🙂 no forcing you 🙂


IMG_0784.PNGFor Sweet Cupcake~


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